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Banco do Brasil announces entry into the metaverse with a game that reproduces real-life actions

Bank enters the metaverse in search of customers connected in the virtual world

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O Bank of Brazil is the first in the country to announce its entry into the metaverse. According to the institution, real-world actions will be transported to the virtual city from the RolePlay server, Complex.

The server was developed precisely to offer new possibilities for Banco do Brasil clients in the metaverse. “Within the Complex, users will live a real life, where they will have to feed, work and relate to achieve their goals, always respecting the rules of the server”, highlighted the institution.

Focusing on the younger and more connected audience, the bank announced investment funds with a sustainable footprint, during live on twich. In practice, through the “Complex” game, the player will be able to open accounts and receive benefits for their character.

In addition, they will be able to compete for job offers, such as that of an ATM provider. Thus, they will have the responsibility to work with remittances, including driving the strong car, just like in real life.

The “Complexo” also guides the gamer through the interaction of a Banco do Brasil building, based on the existing headquarters, in Brasília. There, gamers will have access to a virtual tour of the historic building that houses the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center Rio de Janeiro (CCBB-RJ), among other experiences.

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In the metaverse, real and virtual life connect even more (Photo: Pixabay)

Banco do Brasil debuts in the metaverse with the aim of generating unique customer experiences

Also according to the bank, on the beaches and outdoors of the virtual city, the player may come across the manager BB DTVM. The company, from Banco do Brasil, is a leader in investment fund management with 35 years of experience.

“In creating strategies we already have this footprint, introducing differentiated funds in the industry such as BB Ações Games, BB Ações US Biotech BDR Level I and BB Ações Agro”, said Isaac Marcovistz, executive manager of products, communication and marketing at BB DTVM.

And he added: “Being together with BB in an action aimed at the universe of games adds value to the manager, positioning us as a transforming company that provides unique experiences for this new generation. Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity for us to work on the concept of investment education that is so important to the public and society in general”.

The manager's participation in the game, which includes a surfing school, reinforces the search for innovation for the brand. Currently, BB DTVM sponsors the Olympic surfing athletes Tatiana Weston-Webb and Silvana Lima, in addition to the surfer from Ceará Juliana dos Santos.

In addition, Tadeu Figueiró, executive manager of Banco do Brasil, praised the institution's entry into the metaverse:

“This virtual environment that interacts with elements of the real world, expands our eSports platform when dealing with money, investment and simulation of face-to-face situations within virtual reality. It is another step towards building the future of a bicentennial institution, eager for innovations that provide collaborative and immersive experiences.”

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